u-he ACE / Uhbik

u-he has introduced new public beta version of the ACE virtual modular synthesizer and Uhbik effect plug-ins bundle.

We’re still working on that general über-maintenance update of virtually everything.

After the important fixes in Zebra 2.5.4 and Diva 1.1.1, special attention went into Uhbik and ACE.
Ubhik has the denormal issues fixed, ACE has the infamous AllNotesOff-bug fixed. Also, ACE has inherited MultiCore support from Diva.

In addition we’re quite confident that VST3 support will make Mac 64-bit users happy.

Please check these out and post your findings. We hope to release these soon, along with updates to everything else for fixed niggles and VST3 support.

More information: u-he (KVR Audio)