u-he has announced the release of a new collection of over 220 sounds for the Hive 2.1 software synthesizer.

Over two years in the making and heavily featured in “The Matrix Resurrection” score, Metaphorium is geared towards sounds for motion picture and more.

Three of u-he’s sound design masterminds (Howard Scarr, Viktor Weimer and Urs Heckmann) joined forces and spent several months honing a soundset to Johnny Klimek’s specifications, which is now heavily featured in The Matrix Resurrections score. However, the flexibility of Metaphorium makes the sounds suitable for many different genres of music and film.

Metaphorium contains a staggering variety of rhythms, chugging basses, melodic loops, atonal and tonal pads, fragile dreamy soundscapes, dramatic and ambient effects. Meticulous XY pad programming blurs the lines between such categories: You can create radically different versions within seconds, bending the presets beyond all recognition.

The soundset is available for purchase from the u-he website for 39 EUR (incl. sales tax/VAT).