u-he has introduced a brand new soundset for the Hive 2 software synthesizer instrument.

Created by Niall McCallum of ModeAudio, Monochrome aims top capture the dream-like tones of your favorite Indie Electronica artists with a brand new collection of 150 presets.

Washed-out, grainy, otherworldly: Monochrome focusses on the organic edge of contemporary electronic music, with plenty of movement courtesy of all the modulators Hive 2 has to offer.

Inspired by the likes of Thom Yorke, Four Tet and Caribou, Monochrome aims to bring the unmistakably live feel of analogue hardware into the digital domain. Monochrome takes advantage of the many new waveforms and filter types that makes Hive 2 such a powerhouse synth.

The soundset is priced 30 EUR incl. VAT/taxes.

More information: u-he