u-he has released a public beta of revision 1391 (preliminary) of its instrument and effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Rev. 1391

  • New features
    • [All] The demo nagscreen disappears on his own now, when the registration is entered.
    • [Zebra] Pitchbend range is now up to +- 24 semitones!
  • Fixed
    • [All] .tun file loading crashed sometimes, fixed.
    • [All] When a midi preset change was sent although the midi presets folder was empty, it crashed on windows; fixed.
    • [All] The effect of double clicks happened a few pixels next to the mouse pointer, fixed.
    • [All] Vst 64bit (Mac), when opened a second time, appeared to be shifted out of the window, fixed.
    • [All] Module presets work under vst3 now. This fixes the problem, that Zebra couldn’t load it’s waveforms!
    • [All] .h2p ending isn’t shown in preset browser anymore.
    • [All] In Reaper/Windows, the preset save dialog quit on even if the cursor was in the description field. fixed!
    • [Diva] DCO overloaded the CPU which resulted in crackles, fixed.
    • [Diva] LPF crashed in draft mode on Windows, fixed.
    • [Diva] The “Stack Index” didn’t have the right “demo”-Image, fixed.
    • [Filterscape] Slew rate of the LFO was too high, fixed.
    • [Zebra] Opening the Zebra GUI in VST3 twice showed more modules than were actually used; fixed.

The new betas are available to download now.

Beta installers for ZebraHZ will be available for owners of The Dark Zebra (available from u-he user account).

More information: u-he / u-he forum