u-he has announced the release of Traveller, a new soundset by composer and sound designer Samuel Bereczky for the Zebra2 synthesizer instrument.

u he Traveller for Zebra2

Traveller invites sonic exploration with this collection of rich, imaginatively designed sounds. Move between experimental and organic, ambient and sci-fi, abstract and rhythmic. Traveller forges a path between early electronica/ambient and Bereczky’s personal background in orchestral soundtrack.

This 122-preset collection offers an eclectic range of versatile and useful sounds: basses, arpeggios, pads, drones, keys, brass and more. Each preset includes performance control as well as X/Y pad assignments for immediate sound warping. Move between worlds with Traveller.

The Traveller soundset is available for purchase for $30 USD + VAT in EU.

More information: u-he / Traveller