Michael Kastrup Zebra2 Oldskool

u-he has released Zebra2 Oldskool, a patch collection for Zebra2 by Michael Kastrup.

Zebra2 Oldskool features 128 outstanding, playable and lush sounding patches that cover decades of synthesizer & keyboard history.

These patches don’t need many words, you just drop them in your Zebra2 preset directory and there you go. Some patches have additional notes on the XY/performance page.

Zebra2 Oldskool comes with 8 standard MIDI files as a bonus. These show nicely how he used the patches in some of the example songs.

You can order Zebra2 Oldskool for 30$ USD (+19% VAT if ordered in the EU, via ShareIt)

More information: u-he / Zebra2 Oldskool