Zebra2 Science

u-he has released Zebra2 Science, a Zebra2 sound set by Howard Scarr.

If you like Howard’s new presets, or the Zebra2 sounds he programmed for Batman – The Dark Knight (opening July 2008), you’ll love his latest Zebra Science sound set.

Chock full of wierd and wonderful (but eminently playable) instruments, plus a bunch of fine analog emulations – string machines, warm pads, classic leads and basses. Several of these patches make use of the X/Y pads for an unlimited supply of variations.

Zebra2 Science features

  • 242 sounds.
  • 48 oscillator templates.
  • 35 envelope (MSEG) templates.
  • Plus a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of Zebra2.

Zebra2 Science is available as a download for $42 USD (+19% VAT if ordered in the EU).

More information: u-he / Zebra2 Science