U-He Tyrell N6, free synth plugin now available


Amazona.de has announced the release of Tyrell N6, a free synthesizer instrument by Urs of U-He.

Just in time for Musikmesse 2011, we are very proud to present you the first AMAZONA.de synthesizer, TYRELL Nexus 6

TYRELL The N6 is not some additional synth plug-in, but a sound generator, which was jointly developed with readers and, ultimately, programmed by Urs Heckmann (mastermind of U-He).

u-he Tyrell N6u-he Tyrell N6

Tyrell N6 features

  • Classic, familiar user interface with extras.
  • Smooth overdrive in the oscillator mixer.
  • Filter output can be fed back into the mixer.
  • Unison modes with voice-specific modulation source.
  • Envelopes can be looped or triggered via LFO.
  • Envelopes retrigger like classic hardware.

Tyrell N6 is available as a free VST instrument plug-in for Windows and Mac.

More information: U-He / Tyrell N6

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A really interesting project – thanks to Amazona for the initiative.

The result is a unique, easy to use freeware synth that offers a decent amount of complexity and has tons of character. Given the ridiculously short development time frame, what more could you ask for?


PS: WP behaving badly today :)


On my core2duo system this ones very CPU hungry and therefore it’s not for me.


This was one of my go-to synths before is was released. For synth enthusiasts this is a must have!


Uhe thanks for this .If you find it heavy on the cpu on your system freeze flatten or just record the audio.I do this most with nearly all my synths anyway for further editing of the audio.