u-he DIVA

u-he has released beta 467 of Diva, a virtual analog synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Diva is the first native software synth that applies methods from industrial circuit simulators (e.g. PSpice) in realtime. The behaviour of zero-delay-feedback filters when pushed to the limit clearly demonstrates the advantages of this groundbreaking approach.

Changes in Diva beta 467

  • [Audio] ADS-Envelope 2 doesn’t “add” when release is off.
  • [Audio] Filters were off when multiple instances had different quality settings.
  • [Audio] Hold pedal fixed.
  • [Audio] Singing ADS-Envelope doesn’t sing when env1 finished early.
  • [Audio] SVF-Filter made noise.
  • [Audio] should fix crashes when switching fx (also while loading presets).
  • [Audio] fixes Coktor bug (FilterFM set to 0 and then modulated).
  • [Audio] better sounding OscFM (more precise formula).
  • [Audio] fixed ADS ModEnvelope.
  • [Audio] fixed more crashes.
  • [Audio] added Poly2 (but may have occasional notehangers).
  • [GUI] fixed Modulation Menus.
  • [Audio] filters tuned, again.
  • [Audio] fixed DCO.
  • [Audio] fixed GlideSlop (Howie’s 7th note).
  • [Audio] filter cutoff goes to 150 again.
  • [Audio] fixed crash bug.
  • [GUI] new Modulation drop downs.
  • [Audio] removed sluggish oscillator behaviour.
  • [Audio] more CrossMod.
  • [Audio] all filters tuned now.
  • [Audio] Filters are out of tune.
  • [other] Maximum Lag time too fast.
  • [GUI] very first junk preset won´t get invisible.
  • [GUI] preset display left/right arrows not working.
  • [Audio] Delay “Flutter” too slow.
  • [Audio] Noise-Volume should be scales differently.
  • [GUI] Lag Processor range.
  • [other] Weird patch browser behavior.
  • [Audio] Filter Feedback doesn’t sound like a real Model-D.
  • [GUI] Max Detune and Drift: Please scale them logarithmically please please!
  • [Audio] Noise-Volume Modulator modulated volume in other models.
  • [Audio] Glide2 doesn’t work.
  • [Audio] Triple oscillator Noise levels.
  • [GUI] “off” LEDs still look on.
  • [other] Double-clicking Detune in oscillators should not reset the octave switches.
  • [Audio] Dry/wet Knobs on FX units.
  • [Audio] Glide-Slop doesn’t work.
  • [Audio] LFO *spikes* in Single Trigger.
  • [GUI] Missing mod sources in LFOs.
  • [Audio] Some presets randomly crash voices.
  • [other] LFO Delay too short / too linear.
  • [Audio] DUAL VCO: TriangleShape affects Sine wave.
  • [Audio] Triple Oscillator PW shouldn’t go to zero.
  • [Audio] Plate: maximum Damp = no effect.
  • [Audio] VCO1 octave range is the same for 16′ and 8′.
  • [Audio] Some connections on the Mod page cannot be made.
  • [Audio] VCO-2 triangle is affected by VCO-1 range in Dual VCO.
  • [Audio] No PW-slop works in ECO osc.
  • [Audio] Adjusted sound of Sallen-Key Rev. 2.
  • [Audio] New Effect: Distortion.
  • [Audio] 24db SVF Filter makes noises with Cutoff fully open.

During the beta period, Diva is available to purchase for the introductory price of $119 USD (regular $179 USD) until December 31. Price excludes 19% VAT in EU.

More information: u-he / Diva