u-he Zebra2 Oldskool

u-he has released the third edition of Zebra2 Oldskool, a patch collection for u-he Zebra2.

This sound set by Michael Kastrup now includes more than 500 outstanding, playable and lush sounding patches that cover decades of synthesizer & keyboard history.

Michael writes:

Here we are, 1 year has passed with my nose buried deep into Zebra 2 VST. What I have learned is its, to me, true nature which is somewhat hidden because most people tend to think subtractive only.

In my opinion the immense power lies within the OSC FX. This is what makes Zebra different from other synths. Now combine that with its wavetable and additive shaping and we got a MONSTER in our hands. There is no way to tell how an OSC FX affects a waveform without trial and error and this is where the real exploration of Zebra begins.

The complete Zebra2 Oldskool set is available for a special price of $59 USD (+19% VAT if ordered in the EU) until June 15th (regular price is $69 USD + VAT). An update from Oldskool Vol 1+2 is available for $20 USD.

More information: u-he / Zebra2 Oldskool