u-he Zebra

u-he has announced updates for its Zebra2 and Diva synthesizer plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

We’ve made a whole bunch of improvements to our flagship synths. The improvements also apply to Zebrify, Zebralette (freeware) and ZebraHZ (the version included with The Dark Zebra).

To upgrade, simply go to the product pages, download the latest version and install. Owners of The Dark Zebra should log into the support area and download the latest installer.

Changes in Zebra 2.5.4 / Diva 1.1.1

  • All installers now ready for Mountain Lion.
  • Junk and Favourite files now recognize Windows-type line breaks.
  • Zebrify: fixed mono/left/right modes.
  • Symbolic links no longer create endless loops.
  • Fixed microtuning (.TUN) file related crash.
  • Diva: fixed tune modulation.
  • Fixed info text bug while saving (Windows).
  • Zebra: fixed hanging notes while switching presets.
  • Fixed “silent synth” in large Win64 projects.
  • Diva: fixed silent voices while changing cutoff.
  • Fixed several more minor niggles.

Note: The RTAS version of Zebra2 stops at v2.5.2. New updates will be developed for AAX soon after this format becomes available.

Zebra2 is available to purchase for $199 USD, Diva is $179 USD. Prices excl. VAT in EU.

More information: u-he