u-he has released revision 2709 of its plug-ins, an update including various fixes and improvements.

u-he Bazille

The update includes an extended beta of the Bazille modular PD & FM synthesizer.

Changes in Rev 2709

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed crash when clicking Eye Control / Look / Logo (Zebra2 / MFM2 / DIVA).
    • Fixed several wire & daisy chaining issues in ACE / Bazille.
    • Fixed Breath / XPress bug in Zebra2.
    • Fixed ARP / Mod Wheel issue in DIVA which led to a crash / hang or sound corruption.
  • Improvements:
    • Extended Bazille’s Betaperiod until End of Sept 2014.
    • Changed Bazille’s INIT preset.
    • Added 10% GUI scaling to all products.
  • Known issues:
    • Diva has likely performance/multi-threading issues in PT 11.
    • [1291] Flutter when using Pitch Wheel in ACE.
    • [1297] MIDI Program Numbers disappeared in Preset name.
    • [1311] Wire remnants in Bazille’s & ACE’s display.
    • … and more (see old threads).

The latest builds are available to download from the u-he forum at KVR Audio.

More information: u-he