Foil Imprints has introduced the follow-up to its Uber 8 free drum sample pack. Using the iconic original TR-909 as its source, Uber 9 is a drum focused sample pack made using tape and an abundant collection of analog effects, pedals, and vintage synthesizers.

No plugins were used with the exception of some “cosmetic” EQ. It features 23 Ableton ready kits which include complete 909 kits along with extra kicks, snares, claps, high hats, rim shots, cymbals, toms, and percussive fx. It also features 172 unique loops set to a range from 68 to 156 BPM.

To be clear, this isn’t an emulator or a typical 909 sample pack. There are two “clean” kits — my original TR-909 with no processing, and the other run through the classic hardware API 512 preamp for subtle warmth. The rest of the collection features the 909 run through analog hardware, crafting homemade kits that blend the character of the 909 with other colors.

The result is a versatile 909 which I found works well in a variety of situations, from pulsing momentum, building layers (good for scoring situations), to hard hitting noisy techno. The sonic range was as surprising as it was compelling, with rich harmonics generated, warm tape saturation, soft noise, along with fragile delays, robotic flanging, disintegrating tape delays, and classic spring reverb.

Uber 9 is available for the intro price of $9 USD until April 30th, 2023. The regular price is $15 USD.

More information: Foil Imprints