Ueberschall has announced the release of Cinematic Timeshift, a new Elastik sound library.

Ueberschall Cinematic Timeshift

Cinematic Timeshift addresses all categories of dubbing and scoring such as movies, TV, games, websites, installation, advertisement, trailers but also music production. Cinematic Timeshift offers first-class sound effects and atmospheres for large cinematic sounds.

The soundscapes and effects of Cinematic Timeshift create mystic and suspense-packed audio experiences. Use these sounds to intensify any picture-related scenario. Create slow evolving and diffuse soundscapes that build up a dense atmospheric background, where you can precisely place highlights using percussive effects. To build a musical background for fast action-rich scenes, you have a choice of impulsive beats with additional reverse-effects for surprising introductions.

These samples are not only meant to be used for dubbing and scoring, they will also fit into music productions with cinematic sound flavors easily. Impacts und whooshes are ideal to build breaks in Trance tracks and atmospheric sounds will just fit into your Ambient, Drum & Bass or Dubstep intros. Cinematic Timeshift offers 1.9 GB of content – 706 samples, clearly organized for fast access.

Cinematic Timeshift is available to purchase for 49 EUR.

More information: Ueberschall / Cinematic Timeshift