Ueberschall Electro Pop

Ueberschall has announced the release of Electro Pop, a new sample library in the Vodovoz series.

Since 2009 ten of the top fifteen artists stem from the Electropop genre and have had major commercial success worldwide. This production is inspired by their music and packed with high-level Electropop construction kits. All kits are divided into intro, a-part, b-part, c-part, outro.

Electropop is a form of Synthpop characterized by an emphasized electronic sound, catchy hooks and dance beats. In Electropop, songwriting takes priority making it stand apart from more simplistic electronic dance music patterns and formula.

A must have for producers and sound designers worldwide. Great for music production, commercials, game audio, film cues, web applications, video, multimedia, corporate presentation.

Electro Pop features

  • 2.0 GB Elastik Soundbank, 983 samples.
  • Includes construction kits, multi-track beats, synths, pianos, pads, keyboards, bass lines, guitars, percussion and effects, as well as additional live played material.
  • Labeled key signature and tempo information provide a very easy way of arranging a whole song including all the parts you need to make the perfect unique track.
  • Elastik Player offers you a lot of DSP functions to adjust the phrases to further fit your productions / creations.
  • Exclusively produced, designed and mastered by Vodovoz.

Electro Pop is available to purchase for 99 EUR.

More information: Ueberschall / Electro Pop