Ueberschall has announced the release of a new Free Elastik Soundbank, a collection of 400 MB of high professional Ueberschall content as a free download.

The “Free Elastik Soundbank” from eleven different Ueberschall Libraries. All produced with the authentic style in mind and of course with the genuine Ueberschall quality:

Ueberschall Free Elastik Soundbank

– 60s Psychedelic Rock
– Ambient Lines
– Bollywood Pop
– Crunk
– Deep House
– Dubstep
– Electro Pop
– Finest RnB
– Glam Rock
– Metal
-Urbanic 2

The whole material can be easily suite to your projects with the help of the Elastik 2 Sample Player. The sample player allows easy time-stretching and fasr & unique editing features. It also offers new ways of quick inspirations via the “random button”. One click and you can create complete new songs with the given sample material. And last but not least the Elastik plugin organizes and structures the whole Ueberschall material in a flexible browser with many filter options.

The Free Elastik Soundbank 2011 is available to download from Ueberschall.

More information: Ueberschall / Free Elastik Soundbank