Ueberschall has announced the release of its latest Elastik soundbank Wild Chases, a collection of 10 hard-hitting electronica-based construction kits with driving and insistent musical mood.

Ueberschall Wild Chases

Forceful grooves provide a sense of constant motion. Sinister sound design elements add dark overtones. Electronic risers add tension. Whether it’s a chase scene, a sense of rising tension, or a dramatic basis for a dark song lyric, Wild Chases will take your listeners right to the very edge of their seats.

The library contains nearly 700 loops and samples spread over 2.5GB of sample data. Each kit contains multiple musical sections and includes a separate folder of individual drum sounds. Loop lengths range from 2 to 16 bars providing plenty of musical variation. Original tempos range from 130-150bpm to maintain the sense of fast-paced motion. There are also some loops that feature tempo ramps for enhancing tension. However, Elastik’s high-quality tempo-matching tools provide for plenty of additional tempo flexibility.

Wild Chases for the free Elastik sample player is available for 99 EUR.

More information: Ueberschall