UGO Metallurgy VST

UGO has released Metallurgy, a multi effect that is capable of providing sounds ranging from basic, subtle, filter tweaks to twisted, complex, walls of sound that bare virtually no resemblance to the original audio.

Metallurgy’s Specs

  • Metal effect
    • used for metallic sounds, flanging, and sequenced notes
    • 16 step pitch sequencer with a 5 octave note range, portamento, and sequence length
    • LFO
  • Filters
    • low pass, band pass, and high pass
    • all 3 filters can function at the same time, running in parallel
    • each filter has it’s own LFO
    • 16 step sequencer with mod amount control for each filter, glide, and sequence length
    • each filter has its own volume control
  • Filth 1 and 2…each includes:
    • downsampler
    • distortion with 3 modes
    • LFO controls the downsamplers (8 modes, including positive and negative options)
    • Filth 1 = pre filter, Filth 2 = post filter
  • Gate sequencer
    • 16 steps
    • gate length control
    • mix control
  • Dual Delay
    • each has its own time controls
    • stereo width adjustment
  • Envelope follower
    • modulate any/all of the 3 filter cutoffs
    • modulate Metal time + the Metal’s all pass filter
    • amount, attack and decay controls
  • 417 patches
  • Randomizers are provided for most sections
  • Midi CC control over nearly all parameters
  • Host BPM sync for LFO’s and sequencers
  • Mono signal path

A Demo version is available with only 64 patches and occasional volume dropout as limitations. Metallurgy costs $20 (USD), payable through PayPal. Check UGO’s site for more information.