Ugo M-theory v1.1

Ugo has released version 1.1 of M-theory, a hybrid modeling synth VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

The update includes Dualism, a plugin version of the dual arpeggiators and 2X MIDI utilities found within M-theory and, as such, provides you with the ability to arpeggiate/double any other synth you wish, including hardware synths.

New in M-theory v1.1

  • 5 new arp speeds: Slower, Faster, Very Fast, Odd 1, and Odd 2.
    The latter two provide a kind of offset/odd timed feel.
  • Arp pattern (clock gate) length adjustment.
    This allows you to set how many steps the clock gate sequencer uses, ranging from 1 (gate full open) to 16. This can be useful for odd time signatures and each arp can be set individually.
  • Arp bypass option when latched.
    This new bypass feature should be especially handy for people who play/record live (rather than step sequence) since it lets you jam over top of an arp pattern without your having to load another instance of the plugin to do it.
  • Sound quality modes: HQ / LQ.
    High quality is the default and how it was previously. Low quality mode provides a softer tone which can save some cpu. Basically, what it does is just removes a whole bunch of tonal enhancements from various points in the signal chain.
  • Other tweaks, fixes, and slight improvement in clarity.

M-theory is available for Windows PC and costs $35 USD. Dualism is bundled with M-theory and is free to all current M-theory users as well.

Visit Ugo for more information and a link to download demo version of M-theory.