Ugritone has announced some another round of deals on selected MIDI packs, offering over 60% off on three collections for the next few days.

The MIDI grooves in these packs use GM Midi Mapping and are compatible with all major DAW and popular sampler formats such as EzDrummer, Superior Drummer, Perfect Drums, Addictive Drums, Getgood Drums, MT PowerKit, NI Studio Drummer, Kontakt, and Battery.

The sale includes:

  • Black Metal Essentials MIDI Pack: Blast beats, triplet beats, regular beats, fills, cymbal swells, crescendos, and a bonus “Death March” package.
  • Grunge Rock Essentials MIDI Pack 70+ unique beats and fills that take you down the memory lane past Pike Place & Spaceneedle right into the down and dirty grooves of Seattle’s finest exports.
  • Djentastic Drum MIDI Pack Over 30 unique groove sections (including beats and fills) with complex odd-signature rhythms that offer enough variation to create an army of songs with just a few clicks.

The MIDI packs are on sale for $5 USD each.

Use coupon code REKKERD at the checkout to get an additional 20% discount on your order (valid for all products available at Ugritone).

More information: Ugritone