Ugritone has announced a fundraiser for its upcoming Speed Metal expansion of the KVLT 2 virtual drum instrument.

Ron D. Rock of Ugritone aims to raise $2,700 USD to replace the cymbals which are stuck somewhere in a factory in China.

Good news: KVLT 2 Speed Metal expansion* is well under way. We’ve got 7 snares, 5 kick drums, 2 full set of toms/5 toms per set (concert & power toms) recorded. Sounds absolutely fantastic so far, our best sounding library to date.

Bad news: Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemonium, our drum cymbal supplier isn’t able to ship anything. We dropped our entire cymbal budget for this project into a single order, and our order is sitting in an empty warehouse in China. This could take months before business can go back to normal.

Donations of $40 USD and more will receive the KVLT Drums 2 – Speed Metal expansion on the day of release, currently scheduled for April 2020. Check the GoFundMe page for more details.

More information: Ugritone