U&I Software has announced a pre-release offer on Xx – CTX 1.x, an award-winning MIDI composition tool for MacOS that allows you to create compositions independently or integrate with MetaSynth to expand the possibilities.

This application allows MIDI playing of MetaSynth instruments, import of MetaSynth Sequences, export of Image Synth presets, and the creation of MetaSynth Montages for mixing.

Version CTX 1.0 is being completed and testing is expected to begin in a week. Thank you to all the new users who pre-ordered and contributed to its development. We know the wait has been a long road and we would like to offer you a free copy of Eric Wenger’s next album as a thank you for your patience.

If you own a copy of Xx for Apple’s Carbon application platform, watch for a newsletter email in September with instructions on how to obtain your personal discount code.

Xx – CTX 1.x is 25% off, priced $111.75 USD during the pre-release promotion (regular $149 USD).

More information: U&I Software