UJAM has posted an announcement by UJAM co-founder and “Usynth Godfather” Peter Gorges, stating that the release of the upcoming Usynth has been delayed.

We’ve decided that we have to postpone the release date of Usynth by up to three weeks for the best interest of the product. As Usynth’s godfather, you know I hate to announce this, as I’m sure you hate to hear it too.

A month ago we made a promise, based on which many people pre-ordered the synth and gave us their money. That trust is immensely precious to us, yet we can’t honor it and deliver it in time, which truly sucks. I am not going to bore you with the reasons – they’re complex, but “last-minute crash bugs” and “covid-related absences” certainly came up in the firefight meetings.

The good news is that the Usynth instrument itself is done, we’re really close now, and the remaining few steps are mainly about ironing out bugs and glitches in the surrounding architecture. Still, at this point we can only ask for your understanding and patience, and keep you posted via newsletter and social media about the exact release timing.

The pre-order offer of Usynth (99 USD/EUR instead of 149 USD/EUR) has been extended until Usynth goes live. It is available to purchase from the UJAM store and at distributor Plugin Boutique.