UJAM has announced an update to the Finisher NEO multi-effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Version 1.1 of the plugin that is designed to deliver inspiration and creative control comes with various improvements and additions, including 50 new presets and two new variation knobs.

NEO was our very first Finisher, as we developed its successors VOODOO and FLUXX, we introduced features that our users asked for: two more Vari Knobs, a Mode Browser, the ability to run on mono tracks. Version 1.1 simply catches NEO up with its siblings.

If you have used NEO before, you will enjoy a better browsing experience, additional creative options via Vari 1 knob, and the Highlighter filter (Vari 4) that lets you create rises and drops.

The update is free for NEO owners. New users can purchase the plugin at UJAM and distributor Plugin Boutique for 99 USD/EUR. A fully functional 30-day free trial is available to download in VST, AU and AAX plugin formats.

The Finisher NEO plugin is also included in the Cinematic Bundle, alongside the newly released Beatmaker Nemesis drum machine, Striiiings modern string ensemble instrument, and Virtual Guitarist Carbon.