Ultimate Midi Plugin has announced an update to the UChord, the “Ultimate Chord Engine” plugin for creating chord progressions based on a chord table and rhythm editor.

Version 1.3 ads mouse shortcuts for voicing inversion & chord navigation, and a new scale and misc (miscellaneous) setting tab is available. Additionally, the update comes with new scale degree features:

  • You can toggle two modes of the chord table, raw root and scale degree mode.
  • In scale degree mode, the first cell remains “I” even if the selected scale is changed.
  • In raw root mode, the first cell is “C” by default, but the option to change the order to the root note of the selected scale is provided in the setting.
  • You can turn on/off the scale degree display of the chord item.

Available for Windows as a 64-bit VST, UChord is currently on sale for $14 USD (regular $49 USD).

More information: Ultimate Midi Plugin