Ultimate Midi Plugin has announced an update to the UChord MIDI plugin for Windows, a musical tool which creates chord progression based on a chord table and rhythm editor.

Version 1.4.5 improves MIDI processing by combining the input from the user interface and MIDI keyboard.

Regardless of the trigger order of UI and MIDI keyboard, chord notes are not mixed, and the last triggered chord is played. The last triggered chord is not interrupted by the release of previously triggered UI & Keyboard inputs. If you play a chord pad with your keyboard and play chords in the chord table with the mouse, it is useful to find chords suitable for chord progression.

The update also adds a selection option for all ranges of rhythm lengths.

UChord for Windows (VST) is currently on sale for $15 USD (regular $49 USD). The update is free to owners of a UChord license.

More information: Ultimate Midi Plugin