Organic Loops has released a new collection of samples by Rasmus Faber and Thomas Eby that will bring added swing and syncopation to your beats.

House Percussion features 1.67GB of professionally performed percussion to fill out the top end of your tracks.

Organic Loops House Percussion by Rasmus Faber & Thomas Eby

Rasmus Faber has worked with percussionist Thomas Eby for more than 10 years, his percussion playing has gracing the majority of his recordings. Rasmus and Thomas set out to record a comprehensive collection of Percussion grooves, with House music in mind. They meticulously recorded many different grooves using instruments in the higher audible range, to sit perfectly in the mix – for you to use in your own recordings!

Rasmus Presents Thomas Eby Percussion and Top Loops features 469 Loops with Agogo, Cowbell, Hi Hats, Salsa Bell, Shaker, Tambourines and Woodblocks – a whopping 1.69GB of content in total! At tempos from 95-140BPM you have the Percussion for a broad spectrum of Genres including House, Hip Hop, Techno, Synthwave, Breaks, Trap, and Ambient Music. Using time-stretch, re-sampling and groove templates, you can infinitely extend the pack – also possible through the pre-sliced Rex2 files included for every Loop!

As a special bonus, Rasmus has thrown in some top Hi Hat Loops, which are perfect to add a chunky dose of realism to your programmed beats! These are especially great for disco-influenced stuff, or for robotic beats in need of some swing. As if that wasn’t enough, there are 99 Percussion One Hits to sequence in your DAW, with sampler patches to match.

House Percussion features

  • 1.67 GB content, 24bit/44.1kHz.
  • Includes 160 Tambourine Loops, 96 Shaker Loops, 56 Cowbell Loops, 44 Agogo Loops, 39 Hat Loops, 39 Woodblock Loops, 28 Salsabell Loops, 7 Bell Loops, 99 Percussion Hits.
  • 469 REX2 files.
  • 2 Soft sampler patches.

The House Percussion pack is available for purchase for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Organic Loops / House Percussion