UltimateSoundBank Christmas Specials

UltimateSoundBank has announced some special prices for the holiday season.

Christmas Specials

  1. PlugSound Pro, the workstation combining a massive 8 GB core library, easy groove manipulation, preset management and universal compatibility, is available for the price of 99 USD/EUR (save 200 USD/EUR).
  2. All UVI Soundcards can be purchased with a 50% off discount.
    Prices are:
    • Retro Organs: 49 USD/EUR (save 50.00 USD/EUR)
    • Synths Anthology: 74 USD/EUR (save 75.00 USD/EUR)
    • X-Treme FX: 74 USD/EUR (You save 75.00 USD/EUR)
    • Mayhem of Loops: 49 USD/EUR (save 50.00 USD/EUR)
    • Retro Keyboards: 74 USD/EUR (save 75.00 USD/EUR)

Prices are valid up to January 10th 2008.

Visit UVI for more information.