Unfiltered Audio has announced the release of Yoko, a band-splitter Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason.

Yoko is the essential tool for creating unique multiband effects within Reason.

It splits an audio signal into low, mid, and high frequency bands, each equipped with gain control and stereo metering. Fully featured CV input and variable levels of cutoff slope allow for surgical precision and modulation, making Yoko an effect of its own and a powerful tool when used within a chain.

Yoko: Multiband Everything.

Yoko is available to purchase for 15 EUR.

Unfiltered Audio has also updated the Renoun “Modulating Reverb” Rack Extension to version 1.1.6, which fixes a bug where the meters did not reset to zero when the unit is bypassed.

More information: Unfiltered Audio