United Plugins has introduced a new audio plugin by SounDevice Digital. The UniChannel is a console channel emulation that aims to deliver a warm analog sound.

Unlike its real hardware counterparts, it can be connected to every channel of your mix, and you can change the components with one click.

Having a vintage gear collection in the studio is nice and inspirational but unfortunately, it is also time-consuming and expensive. SounDevice Studio’s owner, Boris Carloff, knows this very well, as he has been collecting vintage gear for more than 20 years: “There is always something not working. From tubes to scratchy pots, from meters to noisy caps. And the units are so rare that you can hardly ever use them on multiple channels simultaneously.”

To avoid these limitations, we were inspired to create a solution that included the best of these devices into one plugin. The result is UniChannel.

UniChannel includes 3 preamp types, 3 kinds of EQ, and 3 compressor types, fora total of 27 combinations with a unique character for each of them. The plugin features VARM II, a technology based on knowledge of chaotic behavior and randomness of the analog world. Each plugin instance acts slightly differently through VARM’s modeling of randomness of the subtle differences of the values of the electrical parts.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats, UniChannel has an introductory price of 33 EUR (regular 149 EUR).

More information: United Plugins