United Plugins has launched a promotion on a collection of 3 audio plugins, offered at over 50% off through the month of August.

As we launched Electrum we thought: What more could we do for guitarists? And the answer is easy. Just give them all the guitar tools we have in a single bundle.

And so you can enjoy the perfect companion for Electrum – DIFIX (a tool that gives you a chance to fix problems caused by recording with a lousy DI). You may also get QuickBass which will help you to mix bass guitars within seconds. And no matter how hard your rock can be there can always be a need to mix acoustic guitar too – quickly, with QuickAG. And remember, the offer stays until the end of August only.

The bundle is on sale at Plugin Boutique for 109 EUR until August 31st, 2021 (regular value 247 EUR).