Universal Audio has introduced the UAD Software v10.2 update, which brings new plugins, support for macOS 13 Ventura, and various fixes and improvements.

The Hitsville Reverb Chambers ($349 USD) is the first authentic plugin emulation of the reverb chambers that shaped the Motown Sound. Officially licensed by the Motown Museum, Hitsville U.S.A, the plugin gives music creators the same reverb sounds used by the producers of Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, and more.

Hitsville studio’s attic-converted reverb chambers were essential to Motown’s iconic sound. With help from the original engineers who built them, UA captured the full character and ambience of the spaces heard on some of the greatest soul recordings ever made.

“The sound of Motown music lives in all of our heads,” says Bill Putnam Jr., CEO of Universal Audio. “The attic chambers at Hitsville were crucial to the emotion of those classic recordings, and we couldn’t be happier to bring those same inspiring reverb effects to a new generation of music creators.”

Hitsville Reverb Chambers features simple controls, allowing users to quickly dial in classic reverb sounds on vocals and instruments. And with Dynamic Room Modeling technology — the same used on UA’s Capitol Chambers and Ocean Way Studios plugins — users can go deeper by repositioning the chamber mics to explore new sounds beyond the original positions.

Also new is PolyMAX ($199 USD), a vintage-inspired synth that gives producers, sound designers, and musicians fat tones from the golden age of analog polyphonic synths.

PolyMAX’s warm, analog modeled oscillators and filters, professional UA effects, and curated presets easily fit into any genre, creating album ready sounds instantly.

“The iconic sound of analog synthesizers from the 70s and 80s left their stamp on countless records and film scores of the era, and are revered to this day for their lush harmonics and ability to sit easily into any mix,” says Bill Putnam, Jr., CEO of Universal Audio. “Created with our deep analog-modeling expertise, PolyMAX is inspired by these timeless sounds and fits seamlessly into any DAW based workflow.”

With an approachable user interface and album-ready presets, PolyMAX allows creators to dial in the perfect sound quickly, regardless of genre. Onboard studio quality UA effects include the sound of a classic digital “Hall B” reverb, tape delay, and modulation textures such as phasers.

Lastly, the C-Suite C-Axe Noise Suppressor ($349 USD) is a plugin that removes buzz and hum in realtime, for cleaner guitar and bass recordings.

Developed by C‑Suite Audio exclusively for Apollo interfaces, with world‑leading noise suppression technology designed by CEDAR, C‑Axe packs realtime buzz and hum suppression, custom tailored for guitar and bass players.

Available for Apollo and UAD hardware owners, and for UAD Spark subscribers, PolyMAX Synth, Hitsville Reverb Chambers and C-Suite C-Axe Noise Suppressor are now available in UAD software v10.2.

More information: Universal Audio