The Universal Piper team has announced UPiper for iOS, a definitive step ahead towards a portable virtual bagpipe.

UPiper for iOS

It is not just a light version of the software but in fact the FULL “sound engine” rearranged behind a touchable command interface. Beginners on virtual bagpiping will be stunned by the quality of the bagpipe sounds that come out of this App. They can listen to a collection of Great Highland Bagpipes and their specific harmonics. Also available is a marvelous Uileann Pipe in D and a sweet Galician Gaita in C.

As in the full application, drones can be started on/off and each of the notes of these bagpipes can be triggered by a specific screen and button command. You can also modify the pitch of the bagpipe, or adjust the drone/chanter balance. There is also a bww/midi player with a tempo and articulation definition. So You can use it as a scale reminder; a drone generator for practice players; a bagpipe tuner, a bagpipe player…

Last but not least You can plug in your midi practice with a specific connection device (Irig, midi mobilizer II, Alesis dock, Camera Connection Kit) and use it as a full bagpipe sound generator while playing on a real chanter! Midi parameters and even presets of users of the full software can be uploaded on the idevice to be used as a on your Mac or PC.

Take an easy and enjoyable step into virtual bagpiping with Universal Piper on iPhone/iPod/iPad!

UPiper for iOS is available to purchase for $3.99 USD / 2.99 EUR.

More information: Universal Piper iOS