UNTERLASS Studio Furniture has announced availability of the MONO 16 and MONO 30 floor racks for its flexible range of quality professional products.

Today’s budget-conscious climate has resulted in many musicians choosing to record in their own highly- personalised workspaces, often at home. Design consciousness is arguably at an all-time high, but what do you do when what you want does not exist? Why, design and build it yourself, of course! Which is exactly what Austrian Arno Unterlass did: UNTERLASS Studio Furniture by name, studio furniture by nature.

Hot on the heels of the company’s successful DUODESK 60 launch product — billed as being a one-man media production workspace for recording, mastering, and mixing — and clever, keyboard- accommodating DUODESK 60 KEY follow-up comes two matching floor racks to accompany either of those desks… perfect for those who just can’t get enough outboard!

Unterlass MONO 16

As implied by name, the MONO 16 features a slightly-angled, front-facing floor-level vertical 16HE rack (and a rear-mounted horizontal 4HE rack) with a flat surface area above to accommodate whatever users wish to position on there (within reason).

Its modular design means that multiple MONO 16s can be neatly lined up alongside one another to easily expand the system (if and when the need arises).

Unterlass MONO 30

Meanwhile, the MONO 30 takes a different design approach, perfectly mirroring the end profile of both the DUODESK 60 and DUODESK 60 KEY desks for expansion purposes.

It includes 30HE of rack space, shared across its 10-degree-angled desktop-mounted rack (10HE), front-facing floor-level vertical rack (16HE), and rear-mounted horizontal rack (4HE).

Optional white (alternative colour) or ‘Zebrano’ (deluxe wooden) finishes enhance the look and feel of the MONO 16 and MONO 30. Pricing upon request.

The MONO 16 and MONO 32 are available to purchase for 540 EUR / 690 EUR respectively (excluding VAT). Production time is approximately four weeks from order placement, and shipping is available from 100 EUR (excluding VAT), depending on destination. Both racks are securely supplied flat-packed in a wooden crate with instructions for relatively simple self-assembly.

More information: UNTERLASS Studio Furniture