UplandToys Midular 1.3

UplandToys has released version 1.3 of Midular, a collection of modular MIDI processing modules for Max for Live.

Midular is a (growing) set of MIDI effect modules for Max for Live. The modules can be chained together in a modular fashion to form any number of effect chains.

Used in isolation, they can act as quick problem solvers, such as quantizing notes in realtime, or delaying a certain set of notes. However, it is when multiple modules are chained together that the power of the modular aspect becomes apparent.

Changes in Midular v1.3

  • Buffer now saves its state with the Live set, and handling of note offs has been improved so that Buffer responds to the actual notes being played and doesn’t require setting a specific note length in advance.
  • Rotator has been updated to become a much more capable sequencer. In addition to the live record mode already present, you can now change the sequence or its length on the fly, and also choose between 4 different play modes for each step. The current implementation is basically derived from the Intellijel Metropolis eurorack module. Finally, Rotator now also stores its state with the Live set.

Midular for Max for Live is available for download from Github.

More information: UplandToys / Midular / Midular