Trance Euphoria Uplifting Sound Of Egypt Trance Midi Kits

Trance Euphoria has launched Uplifting Sound Of Egypt Trance Midi Kits, sound pack featuring 25 MIDI kits.

Trance Euphoria are proud to release ‘Uplifting Sound Of Egypt Trance Midi Kits’ featuring 25 x Trance MIDI Kits with 121 x MIDI’s in total also there is a demo mixdown and FLP file of the demo created, spire presets have been included FREE as you can hear in the demo and most where used to demonstrate the midi files.

It All About The MIDI Kits

This pack gives you 25 x Song Ideas to either use as is or to tweak and create your own trance smash hit, each kit includes either 4 or 5 midi files ranging from Arps, Basses, Melodies , Sub Melodies, Chord Melodies, Pads etc to kick start your track, your in complete control with midi files, midi is a great source of inspiration you can tweak the notes to suit you and assign any vst or hardware synth you like, midi is also a great learning tool, study and create your own ideas, you are also free to use the included FREE spire presets in your own tracks if you wish, we have also included the FL Studio FLP file for each kit so you can see how the demo was done.

The MIDI kit pack is available from Reveal Sound for $17 USD.

More information: Reveal Sound / Uplifting Sound Of Egypt Trance Midi Kits