Flandersh Tech has released an advanced multi-band processor with flexible parameters and comprehensive Mid/Side processing.

Suitable for mixing, mastering, and creative processing, Uraleq features higher order FIR filters and LFO modulation.

Each of the four bands come with balance control, dual delay, compressor, and VU-meter. This makes it suitable for mixing and bus processing. The plugin comes bundled with a reference manual and is released as a socialware, which encourages the end user to participate in social actions for the improvement of human relationships and society.

Uraleq features

  • Multiband mid/side processing.
  • Multiband downward compression and upward expansion with variable knee and dry/wet ratio.
  • Individual FIR oversampling of the compressors up to 32x.
  • LFOs for multiband amplitude modulation, autopan, and creative delay effects.
  • Higher order FIR low cut/high cut filters.

Uraleq is available as a free VST3 (64-bit) plugin for Windows.

Flanders Uraleq