URS N4 series EQ

URS has announced the URS N4 series EQ, a plug-in which digitally recreates the sound of a vintage British Six Band Equalizer (4 bands plus HP/LP Filters).

The URS N4 series equalizer is very broad banded and musical. It is a must have tool for recording and sweetening drums and bass. It is smooth and silky and a little goes a long way.

URS N4 series EQ features

  • Number of bands: Six.
  • Low and High bands are selectable peak or shevling.
  • Mid are peaking type.
  • Low: 33 Hz, 56 Hz, 100 Hz, 180 Hz, and 330 Hz.
  • Low Mid: 220 Hz, 270 Hz, 330 Hz, 390 Hz, 470 Hz, 560 Hz, 680 Hz, 820 Hz, 1k and 1.2k.
  • High Mid: 1.5k, 1.8k, 2.2k, 2.7k, 3.3k, 3.9k, 4.7k, 5.6k. 6.8k and 8.2k.
  • High: 10k, 3.3k, 4.7k, 6.8k,10k, and 15k.
  • “Hi-Q” button on the mid bands for narrower bandwidth.
  • Filter Boost/Cut: +/- 12dB variable to .1db.
  • Filter Slope: 12dB per Octave.
  • Hi-pass filter: 27 Hz, 47 Hz, 82 Hz, 150 Hz and 270 Hz.
  • Lo-pass filter: 3.9k, 5.6k, 8.2k, 10k, 12k, and 18k.
  • Phase reverse switch.
  • Gain clipping indicator.
  • In / Out Bypass switch.
  • Line input Trim offers -10 to +20 gain variable to .1db.
  • Plasma Style Input and Output VU Meters.
  • 9 Instances per HD Accel chip and 5 Instances per HD chip.

The URS N4 Series EQ is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/TDM). The TDM license is available for an introductory price of $199.99 USD until 15th July, 2009 (regular price $399.99 USD). The native license is $99.99 USD until 15th July, 2009 (regular price $199.99 USD).

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