Online DAW Amped Studio has just released a ground breaking experimental application called VST/Remote, allowing you to connect desktop VST plugins to the browser based music creation software.

VST/Remote is a VST host for Windows and macOS that provides experimental support for VST plugins in Amped Studio.

VST/Remote is another innovative development from Amped Studio, which already has WAMs (Web Audio Modules) web based virtual instrument support, hybrid tracks and pitch and beat detection implemented.

“Although our main focus is to continue to develop and support WAMs, providing our users with the option of adding their favorite VST to Amped Studio is great option. Also, an excellent technical achievement that will assist us in developing new ways to make music on the web” states Bil Bryant of Amped Studio.

The VST Host is downloaded from the Amped Studio website and accessed in the Studio´s device chain. There are limitations with VST/Remote as currently only one VST can be loaded and used at a time.

More information: Amped Studio