Utku Uzmen has released Manipulant, a MIDI control surface app for iPad.

Manipulant is a MIDI control surface app that takes some of the best features of iPad to put all of your live controls on a single surface.

Utku Uzmen Manipulant

Manipulant features

  • Wirelessly transmit MIDI note on/off and controller messages.
  • Put buttons, rotary knobs, faders, XY pads and labels on an endless surface.
  • Quickly travel across your surface with pan, zoom and rotation gestures.
  • Trigger multiple overlapping controls with a single touch.
  • Connect multiple iPads to the same surface and receive control actions on each iPad in real time.
  • Host multiple surfaces on the same Mac or PC and connect a different iPad to each surface.

Manipulant is available to purchase from the iTunes App Store for $3.99 USD.

Visit Manipulant for more information.