Utopik-Audio S.M.T. Sinki

Utopik-Audio has released Sinki, a freeware SyncFX Synth for Windows PC.

Sinki the first in a free audio plugins pack called S.M.T. (two synths and two effects).

Sinki features

  • OSC: Two oscillators – 11 Waveforms, FM, PM, SFX Sync FX, Hard Sync.
  • ENV: Two envelopes (1x VOL / 1x MOD) – 14 Curve Shapes.
  • LFO: Two oscillators – 18 Waveforms.
  • FILT: One MultiMode Filter – LPF(5), HPF(5), BPF(2).
  • EXTRA: Analog Drift – Envelopes Display.
  • 64 presets by Electrypnose, Aslak and friends.

Sinki is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit Utopik-Audio for more information and a link to download Sinki.