UVI has announced the launch of a limited time sale on a selection of cinematic and post-production tools, offering a 50% discount for the next few days.

Whether you want to add theatrical transitions to your tracks, create realistic foleys for your film, games, music and more, UVI’s cinematic and post-production tools have you covered.

The following products are on sale for 74 USD/EUR each:

  • Meteor: A powerful cinematic sound design tool for creating epic swells, powerful impacts and dramatic backdrops for film, games, trailers, music and more.
  • Asteroid: An epic percussion toolkit for creating powerful cinematic rhythm, effects and more for film, games, trailers, and music.
  • Drone: A fully-featured instrument expressly designed to create rich and detailed sonic environments and sound effects with endless movement and musicality.
  • Whoosh FX: A powerful sound design tool capable of everything from simple gusts and fly-bys to thundering sci-fi sound effects.

An additional 20% discount is offered with a purchase of 2 or more products during the promotion, which expires May 1st, 2023.

More information: UVI