UVI has announced that it is celebrating the first year anniversary of its SonicPass with a special vintage synth giveaway.

One lucky winner will receive a special classic, the KAWAI K3 used in the making of UVI’s very own KAWAI Vintage Legacy. The winner will be chosen at random from current SonicPass subscribers on June 1st, 2023, no additional registration or entries are required.

Released in 1986, the KAWAI K3 is a 61-key, 6-voice digital synthesizer with velocity and aftertouch, using Digital Wave Memory sound generation in combination with analog filters and envelopes. Lo-fi wavetable oscillators pumped through resonant analog filters in a chunky ‘80s frame, what’s not to love?

SonicPass delivers the complete UVI experience, including over 1,000 instruments, Falcon and all Expansions, and our full effects line, for a low cost of 24 USD/EUR per month, or 240 USD/EUR paid annually. With day-1 one access to new products, and 15 releases introduced in the last year, subscribers always have something new to explore.

More information: UVI