UVI has announced the release of EGP, a hybrid electric grand piano instrument based on the Yamaha CP-70.

An entire piano studio at your fingertips, EGP was approached with the goal of creating the most comprehensive and authentic electric grand piano software instrument ever, offering multiple preparations, 5 fully mixable channels, discrete EQ, effects and dynamics for both the electric and acoustic signals, versatile performance options and more.

A core library of over 10,000 samples was created utilizing high-end microphones, preamps and converters. 5 signals were captured including the raw electric output and the instrument acoustics miked in both L/R and M/S configurations. Complete control is given to the end-user, allowing for gain and mute control on a per-mic and group level. Additionally, EQ, effects and dynamics are provided for the acoustic and electric signals independently. Add a touch of reverb to the acoustic section, some overdrive, chorus and a longer attack to the electric signal, EQ both to taste—the sound shaping options are deep, quick to control and immensely rewarding.

EGP offers an extensive sonic range well beyond that of a typical electric grand. Multiple preparations like pick, bow, ebow, mutes, brush and more were recorded allowing you to create everything from plucked melodies to shimmering drone sounds in immaculate detail. Each preparation was approached with the greatest care, capturing round robins, release samples, pedal noise and sympathetic resonance. Combined with ADSR amp control and performance options like built-in wheel strum, EGP is an extremely dynamic and expressive instrument with a wide sonic range.

Pristine sound quality and an elegant UI are just the beginning. Under the hood of EGP you’ll find UVI’s sophisticated Engine XT™. With over 10 years of R+D behind it, Engine XT now sports an advanced, realtime compression system providing up to 7x faster load times and an average 70% reduction in file size. This translates to a dramatic improvement in workflow and delivers EGPs massive 20GB sample footprint in a mere 4.7GB package.

EGP is available for purchase for $299 USD.

More information: UVI / EGP Hybrid Electric Grand Piano