UVI has announced the release of an update to its Falcon creative hybrid instrument for Windows and Mac.

Version 2.5 is a free update that includes new effects, modulators, sequencers, arpeggiators, utilities, over 100 new presets, and more. It now comes with native Apple M1 support.

Falcon 2.5 ships with over 100 new factory presets. New presets are divided into 5 categories including Lo-Fi, Retrowave, Sequence Exploration, Rain Sequencer, and MS-inspired, which uses a selection of all-new wavetables created on the classic MS monosynth.

This update features a slew of new script-based sequencers and MIDI utilities. Sequencers and event processors include the all-new Cartesian Sequencer, Rain Sequencer, Euclidean Keys, Wave Sequencer, Warp Sequencer, Probability Arp, and Note Pan. New MIDI utilities include MIDI Record, an in-line MIDI recorder with drag-n-drop, MIDI Pitch Delay, a classic MIDI event delay with pitch drift support, MIDI Monitor, a MIDI input monitor with event type filters, and Velocity Test, a mono and poly switchable velocity monitor.

2 new effects have been added including TS Overdrive, a drive-stage emulation of the famous Tube Screamer guitar pedal and VCF-20, an emulation of the classic MS VCF (rev-2) including single (morphable HP/LP) and dual-stage (discrete LP and HP) variations. Last but not least, we’ve included 2 new modulators in Falcon 2.5, including Multi LFO, a complex LFO with sine, triangle, square, saw and random wave contributions, and Smooth Random, a random LFO with smooth evolution, perfect for creating slow modulation over time.

To celebrate the update, Falcon 2.5 is on sale at a 30% discount through October 18th, 2021. Additionally, you can add Falcon and two expansions of your choice to the cart to get the expansions for free during the promotion.

Owners of Falcon can download the update for free via UVI Portal.

More information: UVI