It may be Friday the 13th tomorrow, but luck is on your side at UVI, where you’ll find everything on sale through this Sunday.

Our Lucky Sale gets better the more you buy, get any 1 product for 30% off, any 2 products for 40% off, or buy any 3 or more products and get 50% off your entire purchase at!

Looking for creative synth sounds to inspire your next project? Check out the 200 vintage and modern hardware of UVI’s all-new Synth Anthology 4, all in a feature-packed dual-layer engine.

Want to take your sound design to the next level and your current UVI soundbanks to new dimensions? Have a look at Falcon, the most advanced hybrid sampling synthesis instrument. Need sounds that will make your projects stand out from the others? Toy Suite is the way to go.

How about a new hybrid orchestra? Augmented Orchestra has you covered. And if sonic boundaries must be pushed check out Drone, World Suite 2 or Augmented Piano.

UVI’s full line of effects are also on sale. Discover the creative EQ and filter Shade, powerful dual channel delay Dual Delay X, or the last released Opal, a optical programm-adaptative leveler.

The offer is valid through October 15th, 2023.

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