UVI has announced the release of a new virtual instrument library with an inspirational, modern take on an innovative yet obscure guitar and synthesizer combo from the late ’70s.

Including fully-editable vintage synthesizer and guitar tones in a dual-layer configuration, PX Guitar Syn will give you a featured and creative instrument brimming with charactered vibe.

The GS and GR-500 represented a completely new kind of hybrid instrument, fusing the sounds of guitar and synthesizer and allowing them to be controlled at the same time. Expensive and somewhat of a novelty at the time, we’ve grown quite partial to the feel of this combo.

The innovative features, incredible playability, and natural responsiveness have transformed into a powerful, flexible, and fun library capable of everything from big fuzz guitar tones to sweet synth pads, and more.

PX Guitar Syn for the free UVI Workstation and Falcon is on sale for the intro price of 49 USD/EUR until December 18th, 2022 (regular 79 USD/EUR).

More information: UVI