UVI has announced the released of Gypsy Jazzy, the first and exclusive library dedicated to Gypsy Jazz, from its very roots to most modern genres like electro-swing and swing-house.

Started by Parisian guitarist Django Reinhardt in the 1930s, this so-called “Manouche Jazz” style beautifully plugs the gypsy spirit into the swing articulation of the period. In order to bring you most authentic and real typical manouche sounds, UVI has worked with several skilled musicians to carefully record every sound of any real gypsy instrument.

With great construction kits from the oldest manouche to the most modern electro, composed by 1 000 + of loops and instruments, you’ll be able to pick your favourite sounds up, play them at your rhythm, and add them to your productions at a glance. Deeply authentic multi-sampled instruments with round-robin are also at your disposal: gypsy guitars, double bass, roots drums, manouche violin, clarinet, typical accordion, vocals and even DJ scratches!

The unique ChordOmatic pre-sets will simplify your work: just play chords on your keyboard and the instruments selected will perform the real sounds. And if you want a whole Gypsy Jazz band playing, following your tempo and chords in real-time, just by using your keyboard, the exclusive UVIrtualBand pre-sets will make it like nobody else before.

Last but not least, the free UVI Workstation 2 software included will allow you to use all sound files and instruments immediately, under your favourite DAW or music software, whether you’re Mac or PC. “Gypsy Jazzy is the very first product to take full advantage of our new UVI Workstation 2. We believe that it’s the beginning of a new generation of sounds and instruments to come” (Alain Etchart – UVI Creative Manager). For more advanced editing, Gypsy Jazzy is fully compliant with MOTU MachFive 3.

With 4 500+ samples, thoroughly hand-crafted with the finest recording gear to deliver high-quality sounds, Gypsy Jazzy will offer you multiple of possibilities of creation. Play, create, feel free, feel vintage, feel real and feel jazzy!

Gypsy Jazzy is available to purchase for $199 USD / 179 EUR.

More information: UVI / Gypsy Jazzy