UVI has announced the release of a new deeply-editable and modern drum instrument with rich 1960s/1970s heritage, echoing the greats of Motown while fusing the best of vintage and modern hardware and techniques.

Soul Drums is designed to deliver a powerful and deeply flexible instrument with 14 mixable mics, a fully-customizable bleed matrix, effects, multi-out, an expansive selection of hand-crafted kits and patterns, integrated mapping presets for most electronic drum kits, and much more.

The instrument comes with an expansive selection of hand-crafted kits tailored to genre and over 1,000 built-in patterns that can be drag-and-dropped to your DAW for further editing.

The antithesis of clean and clinical, Soul Drums was conceived from the beginning to embody the golden age of soul and allow a new generation to create within it. Starting with a hand-picked selection of drums and microphones in Studio C at Criteria Recording Studios (formerly The Hit Factory) in Miami, with award-winning engineer Eric Schilling at the helm, along with Bob Olhsson from the famous Motown Hitsville studio, UVI recorded over 150,000 samples through the original Neve 8078 console. Editing and instrument design was a multi-year project, including many cycles of experimentation between sound designers, musicians, engineers, and artists to find the just-right blend of sound, performance, and usability.

While character is an important appeal of Soul Drum’s sound, UVI wanted it to be a dynamic and versatile instrument capable of working across styles, with numerous ways to augment it – from changing drum models and exciters to play modes, with up to 9 velocity layers and 6 round robins for a fluid and natural sound. 11 pages of parameters cover everything from mic and channel controls to a fully-editable bleed matrix mixer, effects including tape delay emulation and convolution reverb, and a built-in sequencer. And for a modern twist the Bass, Snare, and Hats offer a second digital drum voice, allowing you to layer one of 150 unique samples per drum to either replace or layer-up drum sounds.

Soul Drums runs in the free UVI Workstation and Falcon. It is on sale for the intro price of 99 USD/EUR through May 1st, 2022 (regular 149 USD/EUR).

More information: UVI