UVI has announced availability of Vintage Vault 3, a massive update to its premier vintage synth collection now including 65 UVI instruments, over 10,000 presets, 500,000+ samples and more.

Version 3 sees the addition of 14 instruments and over 3,500 patches from 7 new products, including FM Suite, PX P10, PX V8, String Machines 2, USQ-1, UVX670, and the all-new JP Legacy synth suite that explores an iconic Japanese synth line.

Comprising UVI’s entire vintage electronic instrument series, Vintage Vault 3 gives users access to 30 individual products valued at $3,450 USD (if purchased separately).

Vintage Vault 3 delivers the authentic sound of 250 vintage instruments including over 110 drum machines utilizing a sample-based approach, providing sounds directly from the real hardware.

Starting with handcrafted patches on classic synths and drum machines, this collection provides all the nuance, character and grit of the original circuits – providing that “hit record sound” without the need for additional processing or CPU-intensive emulations.

Vintage Vault 3 also includes JP Legacy, a new 4-instrument suite instrument featuring the sounds of Roland JP series synths.

JP Legacy GUI Saturn 4

Hundreds of rich and complex analog patches explore the sounds of these incredible instruments. Deep sound design on the original hardware synths and mastering on choice outboard hardware help impart JP Legacy with an unmistakable vintage analog tone.

Thundering basses, sizzling leads, massive unison pads and more are ready to add character to your productions or serve as inspirational starting-points for your own sound design.

Vintage Vault 3 instruments (including JP Legacy) are fully compatible with both UVI Workstation and Falcon, offering standalone and comprehensive DAW support.

Vintage Vault 3 is available for the intro price of 399 USD/EUR until January 31st, 2020. The regular price is 599 USD/EUR. Users of Vintage Vault 1 or 2 or products included in Vintage Vault 3 can upgrade starting from 299 USD/EUR during the introductory sale.

JP Legacy is also available separately for 199 USD/EUR.

More information: UVI